Alice Ferraro.

Each Apua creation is the result of constant stylistic research to always obtain a unique combination. All the details are designed to enhance the entire design, through a unique path.
The uniqueness of our creations lies in that of the marbles, carefully chosen for each individual product: colors, shades, surface textures blend perfectly with leathers and metals.
Elegance is lightness, not only aesthetic but also physical: the marbles are handcrafted in order to obtain a low weight while maintaining the right resistance.
All this is possible thanks to the craftsmanship of the workers; Apua reinterprets the use of marble, a heavy, tenacious material, sometimes hostile like its history, but always loved and protagonist of the Italian spirit in the world.

My name is Alice Ferraro, I am a fashion designer graduated from Istituto Marangoni and with a master's degree from Central Saint Martins.

Not everyone knows how to give a real meaning to the word passion, it's a shame, because passion is that feeling you get when faced with the uniqueness of your creativity.
I am here to tell you how indispensable it is for me to express my ideas, it gives me an incredible sense of freedom and over the years I have understood that this feeling (passion) has become a primary need.

Without this essential ingredient I am "NOTHING". It is not enough for me to draw to fill in sheets, I start with the search for the most fun and emotional work, I am inspired only after reading a book or after watching an exhibition, a new city, I also look for inspiration in this system, in my habitat, talking to people, our human body is so amazing that how can you not consider it to create new concepts and give life to a new lifestyle after all, our brain is the protagonist of our life, without this we would not exist.
Therefore I am to tell you how important it is for me to be the protagonist of creation I was born with this philosophy, no one imposed on me what I had to do in my life, and I in turn do not want to impose my passion on anyone I would just like to make myself known and give the world the opportunity to know my style too - my philosophy I want to reclaim my freedom by designing and creating I like to think about fashion with a pinch of


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